Zeus All Terrain Jacket v1.0: Review

Zeus All Terrain Jacket v1.0
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  • Zeus All Terrain Jacket v1.0
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Summary: The Zeus All-Terrain Jacket v1.0, being an all-weather compatible Cordura jacket and providing ample protection, is best suited for cold to mild weather conditions. The overall quality is very good, considering the price at which it was first launched, INR 6600. However, this older version has been replaced by a newer one, v4.0, subjected to few improvements and priced at INR 7200. (Note: Only v1.0 was tested)

(Note: Do go through the image gallery at the end of the review to get better visual insights into the product)


The Good:

  • The armors used for the shoulder and elbow regions are Level 1 CE EN-1621-1 hard protectors.
  • Adjustable straps for both shoulder and elbow armors have been provided for a snug fit, and indeed work flawlessly. This means that in case of an impact, the armors would provide optimal protection without getting displaced from its actual position.
  • The Cordura material provides resistance to tears and abrasions. Also, extra layers of Cordura and thin paddings at the armor regions of the shoulder and elbow ensure additional layers of protection.
  • All of the armors are removable and upgradable. (Note: You may contact Zeus Motorcycle Gear for the upgradable armors or purchase KNOX armors from Outdoor Travel Gear)


The not-good:

  • The back protector is an EVA-foam based one, which seems to be of inferior quality and is not certified. I am quite skeptical about the level of protection it might offer. Hence, I’d advise the riders to upgrade to a certified back protector. (Note: A certified back protector, in case of a major accident, could reduce the impact to the backbone and the internal organs, and might even prevent spinal injuries)
  • No chest armor is present. However, most of the riding jackets do not come with these, but they are equally important in terms of protection. It’d be better if manufacturers do atleast provide provisions for chest inserts.


Zeus All Terrain Jacket v1.0

Non CE approved EVA foam Back Armor

Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The Zeus All-Terrain Jacket is made up of 600-D (Denier) Cordura, a polyester fabric material along with a rain/wind/snow proof, yet breathable membrane, called as the Reissa Powerskin. Cordura is well-known for its durability and resistance to tears and abrasions.
  • The overall quality of the materials used including that of the thermal liner, along with the quality of the stitching is very good.
  • The YKK zippers used throughout are sturdy and even after a year of usage, they have not given way.
  • The Velcro straps used at the wrist, waist, and neck portions are of very good quality.

The not-good:

  • The length of the Velcro strap’s sticky portion at the waist region is very short, due to which the jacket fails to provide a snug fit. (Note: The fit factor may vary from person to person)



The Good:

  • The 3M Scotchlite Reflective pipings have been provided on the back, and on the arms and shoulders for enhancing the visibility to other riders/drivers at night.
  • For ventilation, the jacket features two vents at the front, near the chest region and two vents at the rear. All of these vents are provided with YKK zippers. These vents do provide decent ventilation.
  • For storage, the jacket features four pockets, one near the inner top-left region that could store a mobile phone or a wallet and the other near the wrist portion of the left hand for storing smaller items, and two additional pockets on either side of the jacket.
  • A provision for storing a 2-Liter Hydration Pouch/Camelback Pouch has been provided on the back, to keep the rider hydrated on long journeys. A tiny loop has been provided near the collar region to keep the drinking pipe of the hydration pouch in place for comfortable drinking ergonomics. (Note: The Hydration Pouch can be purchased separately from the Zeus store. The review for the same has not been done, as I do not own one)
  • The removable full sleeve inner 3M Thinsulate Warm Liner, used for keeping the body warm in case of extreme cold weather conditions, is of very good quality.
  • A WARMEE Heating Pack pouch is provided complimentary with the jacket, which according to Zeus, heats up the jacket in minutes and keeps the body warm upto -20 degrees Celsius and retains the warmth for around 8-10 hours. (Note: This has not been reviewed since I never got to test the jacket under sub-zero degree temperatures)
  • The YKK Zippers used throughout have been provided with extensions so that one may operate them easily, even with the riding gloves on.
  • A zipper is present at the back of the jacket, which attaches to most popular brands of riding pants. This is particularly useful at high speeds when you are crouching, as it prevents your jacket from air buffeting. This also prevents the jacket from moving up your body in case of a fall.
Zeus All Terrain Jacket v1.0

Hydration Pouch Pocket

The not-good:

  • No rain-liner is provided or is available for the All-Terrain Jacket. (Note: The v1.0 Zeus which was being advertised as rain-proof, does not function so at all. I’ll describe this issue later in the review)


Comfort and Fit:

The Good:

  • Despite the jacket feeling slightly heavy, it is quite comfortable, especially on long rides.
  • The adjustable straps for the armors on the elbows and shoulders ensure a snug-fit.
  • The armors on the elbows, shoulders and back do not hurt or poke at any point, even after riding for a long duration. I tested the same by wearing the jacket continuously for nearly 5 hours.
  • One can easily wear the gloves underneath or over the sleeves of the jacket without any hassle.
  • The micro-fiber material used around the collar region feels very comfortable and does not hurt at all.
  • The Zeus All Terrain jackets are available in sizes from S to XXL.

The not-good:

  • As mentioned earlier, the jacket fails to provide a snug-fit due to the shorter length of the Velcro strap’s sticky portion around the waist region, but not to the extent of creating any major issue. Still a longer length of the same could have been better.
  • Wearing the jacket for short rides, especially for inter-city rides and considering the huge volume of traffic in India, it does not feel comfortable at all and I’d advise against wearing one in such conditions.


Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • This being a Cordura jacket, is more suitable for cold and mild warm/wet weather conditions. The inclusion of a thermal liner and a WARMEE heating pouch will ensure comfortable riding conditions even under sub-zero degree temperatures.
  • Cold Weather test – I was able to test the product along with the thermal liner at sub 10 degree Celsius temperatures, and my body felt warm and comfortable, even after continuously riding for around 4-5 hours. Without the thermal liner, the jacket itself maintained the body warmth till temperatures around 14 degree Celsius. The jacket is best-suited for cold weather conditions.
Zeus All Terrain Jacket v1.0

Warmee Heating Pack

The Average:

  • Hot Weather test – The Cordura material seemed to get heated up under extreme hot weather conditions, say above 30 degree Celsius. But, while riding above 100 kph, the temperature inside the jacket remained moderate and it did not feel too uncomfortable, provided the vents are opened. However, above 35 degree Celsius, the jacket felt way too uncomfortable. So, as long as the temperatures remained below 30 degree Celsius, the jacket proved to be quite comfortable during long journeys.

The Not-Good:

  • Wet Weather test – Zeus advertises the jacket as a rainproof one. However, it is nowhere near to it. It is simply water-resistant to a moderate amount of rainfall for upto 30 minutes or less. But, during heavy rains, the jacket got completely wet from inside within few minutes, despite the vents being closed. I tested the jacket several times under similar conditions over a period of two months. But, each time it failed the rain tests. The same was confirmed in the presence of two other experienced riders. This could prove to be a major disadvantage in case of a cold, wet weather condition. I’d suggest wearing external rainproof clothing. (Note: There might be a few changes in this regard in the v4.0. Please get in touch with Zeus motorcycle gear regarding the same)


  • Prior to purchasing, make sure to test the fit of the jacket in person at the store, with and without the thermal/rain liner.



The Zeus All-Terrain jacket is mainly a highway touring jacket. It is best suited for cold weather conditions. If Zeus could incorporate provisions for an external rain liner attachment (with reflective materials) and more or large vents around the chest and underarm region for ample ventilation, this could prove to be the best overall-performing riding jacket.


Where to Buy Zeus All-Terrain Jackets:

The Zeus jackets can be purchased here. The list of authorized dealers can be found here.


Image Gallery:


  • Good cold-weather riding jacket
  • Very good quality
  • Adequate protection
  • Thermal liner and WARMEE pouch pack included
  • Looks great


  • No Rain-liner included
  • Water-resistant, Not Rain-Proof
  • Average ventilation
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  • Abhijit Pande

    I bought the Zeus all terrain weather jacket and completely agree with this review.. If the weather is hot/humid. This is not the jacket to be in. However, it looks good and seems to be reasonably tough.

    My bother is primarily with the Zeus after sales support, which is horrible. I was once shipped a defective and damaged SOL helmet and then had to pursue them for two weeks to issue a refund. :S

    • Sid Dash

      Hi Abhijit, Thank you for sharing your feedback.
      Initially after finding the flaws in the All Terrain Jacket, I had contacted Zeus regarding the same. But, there was no response from their side.
      I,too, was once shipped a wrong size of the SOL helmet, but the same support was quick enough to address this issue and did provide me a refund at the earliest.

      Sadly, the issue regarding providing a good support lies not only with Zeus, but with many other Indian manufacturers. However, the scenario is changing these days, given the amount of competition in the market.

      So, let’s hope we do not face such issues again in the future. :) Cheers and ride safe, mate!!