How to: Wash Riding Pants


Ever came from a ride to see your riding pants filled with dust, insects or grime? Now what do you do? Hand wash the pants, use the washing machine, or simply leave the pants as is because you do not know how to wash them? Well, here are a few tips.

The first thing to check is if there are any washing instructions mentioned on a label on the pants. If yes, kindly follow the instructions and wash accordingly. And now if your pants do not have any washing instructions, then start by determining the type of pants you have.

  • Leather Pants: If you have leather pants, then you are better off with using only special leather cleaning agents like the Motul leather cleaner, or the Dainese leather cleaning kit, or wash with just a little bit of water and then ensure it dries off quickly. The key here is that leather gets damaged if soaked in water for too long, and there are high chances of fungus developing.
  • Synthetic pants with waterproof coating: If your pants are waterproofed by a waterproofing layer on the outside, then I would advise you to not wash the pants too often in the washing machine and not hand wash with a scrubber. What you can do is simply apply mild detergent on the pants and shower spray for a few minutes. But if your pants are really dirty, remove all the armor, and then wash the pants in a front-loading washing machine on a delicate cycle only. After drying out the pants, you must re-spray them with any re-waterproofing after wash spray-ons like the Motorex Protex Spray or the Oxford Rainseal Spray.
  • Synthetic pants without waterproof coating: If you have mesh/polyester based pants without any waterproof coating, then you may wash them in a washing machine on a delicate cycle after removing all the armor. If you do not have access to a washing machine, you can hand wash the jacket as well.

Et voila, you now know to keep your riding pants look as good as new.

Hip Armor

Do not forget to remove the hip armor before washing

Knee Armor

Do not forget to remove the knee armor before washing

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