Viaterra Fly GT Tank/Tail Bag Review

Viaterra Fly GT Tank/Tail Bag
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  • Viaterra Fly GT Tank/Tail Bag
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Summary: The Viaterra Fly GT Tank/Tail Bag is the perfect luggage companion for a 2-4 day ride. It is a great value for money product, with tremendous utility, great design with minimal flaws.

Here is the Video Review of the Viaterra Fly GT:


Overall construction quality:

The Good:

  • The build quality is very good. After more than 4000 km of using the bag, the stitching is intact; all the zippers work fine, and most importantly, the mounting straps are all perfectly in place without any stitches coming loose.
  • The fabric shows no sign of wear or fatigue.
  • The faux Leather at the bottom of the bag is soft and of good quality.

The not-so-good:

  • None



The Good:

  • The Fly GT doubles up as a tank bag, tail bag, as well as a backpack.
  • As a non-magnetic tank bag, the Fly GT neatly fits onto most fuel tank shapes and sizes, metal and non-metal alike. The soft faux leather on the bottom ensures least abrasion against the paint on the fuel tank. We, however, recommend putting a soft cotton cloth below the bag, just to tread on the safer side.
  • The bag does not restrict the movement of the handlebar, nor does it obstruct the view of the instrument cluster.
  • Handling dynamics of the motorbike is hardly affected, barring the need to get used to seeing the bag in front of your chest.
  • The removable map/mobile pocket attachment on the top of the bag is extremely handy while using GPS on the go.
  • As a tail bag, the Fly GT is simply a compact backpack which neatly secures onto the pillion seat.
  • Handling dynamics of the motorbike is not adversely affected at all, whether you are doing high speed runs, cornering, or during panic braking.
  • As a backpack, it can easily be carried around on any of your trips.
  • It has adjustable shoulder straps as well.
  • The storage capacity of the bag is 20 litres, which is sufficient for a 2-4 days ride.
  • Two side compartments can hold small water bottles and other small stuff, including the rain-cover.
  • The top pocket is handy for quick access to stuff such as a shaving kit, earphones, or any items that should be easily accessible. The mesh pocket inside the bag can carry documents, cables, etc.
  • The sides of the bag feature 3M reflective tape, which sure boosts visibility at night.

The not-so-good:

  • None


Mounting System:

The Good:

  • As a tank bag, two D-ring straps wrap around the left and right front foot peg holders while the third buckle strap at the front of the bag can be secured by passing the strap below the steering stem. Once mounted correctly, you will not need to re-adjust the strap tension too many times.
  • As a tail bag, two D-ring straps wrap around the left and right rear foot peg holders while the third buckle strap at the front of the bag can be secured by passing the strap below the rear fender. No strap readjustments are required.
  • The mounting itself does not take more than a minute.

The not-so-good:

  • The two side-straps are not one with the bag. What this means is, once you dismount the bag from the motorbike, the straps and the bag become separate entities, which could lead to easy misplacement of the straps.
  • The side straps do not have any Velcro patches to attach to, resulting in the straps flapping around freely, unless you tie them up together.
  • While using as a tank bag, refuelling is a bit of a hassle, as you need to remove the front buckle and slide back the bag in order to access the fuel cap. But as with any tank bag, this minor shortcoming is always going to be present.
  • The single buckle strap when passed below the rear fender obstructs the tail light. This is a major hindrance for motorcycles with tiny tail lamps.


Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • A seamlessly constructed rain-cover is provided, which easily and quickly mounts onto the bag. On a rainy day, no water seeped into the bag.

The not-so-good:

  • The rain-cover does not have the 3M scotchlite reflective material. (Note: I have not seen any motorcycle luggage rain-cover so far that has reflective elements)

Thanks to Yash Garg for lending us the ViaTerra Fly GT. Find him on RC Drone Arena where he speaks about drones!


  • Incredible Utility
  • Attractive Pricing
  • USe as a Tank Bag, Tail Bag or Backpack


  • Straps easily misplaced
  • As a tail bag, the tail lamp is obstructed
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