Viaterra Claw SaddleBag/Tail Bag Review

Viaterra Claw Tail-Bag
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  • Viaterra Claw Tail Bag Review
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  • Last modified: May 5, 2015
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Summary: The Viaterra Claw SaddleBag/Tail Bag is an apt luggage companion for touring. It is a value for money product, with great utility, a good design with minimal flaws.

Here is the detailed review:

Overall construction quality:

The Good:

  • The build quality is very good. After about 12000 km of using the bag, the stitching is intact; all the zippers work fine, and most importantly, the mounting straps are still perfectly in place without any signs of  stitches coming loose.
  • The denier synthetic fabric shows no signs of wear or fatigue.

The not-so-good:

  • None



The Good:

  • Utility is where the bag gets the most brownie points. Gone are the days of tying a backpack with ropes and bungee cords to the rear seat.
  • The bag has a 55 lit capacity which can easily carry clothes and equipment for a two week ride. There are in total 5 compartments: 1 main, which holds the bulk of your stuff. The two side pockets can accommodate 3 to 4 bottles along with the rain-cover and maybe a few smaller items like biscuit packets or chocolates.
  • The top pocket is handy for quick access to documents, earphones, or any items that should be easily accessible. The inner mesh pocket can carry your shaving kit and the likes. All in all, it is a versatile luggage solution for your touring needs.
  • The bag is suitable for all motorcycles that have a rear seat and a rear fender. Due to its particular shape and size, it can also be used on motorbikes with up-swept exhausts and mono-shocks.
  • Riding dynamics are not hampered by the mounted bag. You can corner with ease; do high speed long runs, and brake as usual. Simply put, you do not need to alter your riding style one bit.
  • The rear of the Claw features well covered 3M Scotchlite reflective material, which ensures your road presence during night rides.

The not-so-good:

  • If you are looking to carry a pillion, well, your luck ends here, as this belongs to the tail bag family.
  • While sitting on the motorcycle, you can no longer swing your leg over like you usually do. This is because the bag fits on top of the rear seat.
  • The bag does have an adjustable shoulder strap to carry it while off the bike. Walk more than 200-300 meters though, and your shoulder will start aching.
  • While walking with the bag on your shoulder, the mount straps dangle around and can easily get caught up in your feet, causing you to trip over.
Viaterra Claw Tail Bag

Suitable for up-swept Exhausts

Viaterra Claw Tail Bag

3M Reflective Material


Mounting System:

The Good:

  • There are 3 mounting straps. Two straps wrap around the left and right front foot pegs while the third strap is located at the back and wraps around the rear fender. The three mounts are held securely in place with the help of D-rings. Once mounted correctly, you will need maximum one adjustment over a whole day of riding.
  • Each strap has a Velcro attachment to prevent it from flapping around.
  • The mounting itself does not take more than a minute.
  • Two additional compression straps are provided to prevent the contents of the bag from moving around.
  • If you need to attach other stuff like tires, plastic cans, etc to the bag, well, there is provision to do this, with the aid of 4 external metal D-rings, to which bungee cords can be attached.

The not-so-good:

  • None


Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • A seamlessly constructed rain-cover is provided, which easily and quickly mounts onto the bag.

The not-so-good:

  • The rain-cover does not cover the bag at the bottom. So if your motorbike is the kind that splashes a lot of water and mud onto the underside of your bike, then the contents at the bottom of the bag are surely going to get wet and dirty.
  • The rain-cover does not have the 3M scotchlite reflective material. (Note: I have not seen any motorcycle luggage rain-cover so far that has reflective elements)


  • Utility
  • Construction Quality
  • Mounting System


  • Cannot carry a pillion
  • Rain-Cover does not cover the bottom of the bag
  • Rain-Cover does not have the reflective material
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  • Yash Garg

    Great review! I use the mini version of the same, and this applies to that as well.

    • Suraj Patil

      Thanks Yash. Yes, the mini version is exactly the same, except for its reduced capacity of 35 lit.

      • Yash Garg

        Cheers, looking forward to more such content on the site. Subscribed!

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    Nice review! Like the presentation :) Keep it up.

    • Suraj Patil

      Thanks Akhil !

  • Arnab Chowdhury

    Nice review there !!

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