Top 3 Riding Jackets under INR 6000


We all know how important it is to use a protective riding jacket. If you do not have one yet and your budget is upto INR 6000, here is a curated list of the top 3 jackets under INR 6000 you can buy in the market today.

1. Cramster Breezer 4S

Cramster Breezer 4S

The tried and tested Cramster Breezer 4S retailing at INR 5950, is in the market since a while, but still stands strong among the growing competition. It is a mesh constructed jacket with CE level 1 armors. It comes equipped with two detachable liners: a Reissa water resistant liner and a warm insulation layer. At the given price point, coupled with good quality, you cannot go wrong with this jacket.

The Breezer 4S comes in sizes S to 3XL and is available in 3 color combos, including a Ninja-Green combo. The Breezer 4S can be bought at Cramster or at any of their authorized resellers.

2. Aspida (Spartan ProGear) Nemesis

Aspida Nemesis

The recently launched Nemesis jacket retailing at INR 5900, is also an all-season textile jacket with a mesh construction for ventilation. As with the Breezer 4S, this comes equipped with CE level 1 armors, detachable rain and thermal liners. Click here to know more about its features.  The quality of this jacket is good as well.

The Nemesis comes in sizes S to 2XL, and is available in two color options: Grey/Black and Orange/Black. It can be bought at any of their authorized resellers.


3. Rynox Air GT

Rynox Air GT

The Rynox Air GT retailing at INR 5500 is the least expensive among the top 3 list, but holds its ground in terms of the features offered. Just like the other 2 jackets, this also is a mesh constructed one, and comes equipped with CE level 1 armors, detachable rain and thermal liners. At the price point, the Air GT is a very good bet.

The Air GT comes in sizes S to 2XL and can be bought at Amazon or at any of their authorized resellers.



So these are the 3 jackets I feel are the best out there under INR 6000. All of them are almost similar in terms of pricing as well as features, with the exception of the Air GT being slightly less expensive.

If you guys know of any other good jackets under INR 6000, please comment below.

Pic Courtesy: Rynox, Aspida, Cramster

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  • Knr Prabu

    What you think about explorer jacket of royal Enfield which is just R’s.1000 more . ( cost of jacket R’s.6999)

    • Suraj Patil

      I have not seen or used the Explorer yet, but shall soon try to review it.

  • Neeraj Singh

    I am using Cramster Breezer 4S, about 4 months now, totally satisfied, holds good in summer (i live in Delhi) and in rain too, but hot + humid is problem, inner linings are good lets see how it fairs in winter. Suraj, there are couple of good jackets from MOTOTECH within 6K , one of my friend have it.

    • Tenzin Varma

      Hey Neeraj! I plan to buy this jacket (neon version) this week. Since you have had this jacket for atleast one winter, could you tell me what it’s like? I live in Delhi as well.’

  • Rohit Sawant

    The Nemesis is no more priced under 6K and its fitting is pathetic (some weird fit) and the armors needs to be adjusted every now and then. The button of the liner broke in less than a week. Cramster and Rynox both are way better than the Nemesis in terms of the fit and Mesh quality as well as others from my group are using it.

    • Suraj Patil

      Thanks for the update Rohit. I guess the fit will vary person to person, but yes, buttons breaking in less than a week is certainly not acceptable.

      • Rohit Khanna

        I have been using Nemeisis for a year 10 months, Its good enough. Didnt face any issues as mentioned by Rohit. May be a manufacturing defect for Rohit

        • Suraj Patil

          Yes, maybe a one-off case

  • Shirsh Pant

    Update needed. Cramster Breezer 4s is now above 6k as well..same with the Aspida one.

  • aabs22

    Hi, Can you please do a review of SCIMITAR jacket line-up from SpartanPro.

  • Abhik Mondal

    Hi, A very comprehensive collection of jackets u have made. Can u put some view about Biking Brotherhood Ladakh Jacket

  • JyotiPrakash Mishra

    How about aspida Atlas jacket? Any reviews on that?