A quick fix for SPECTACLED Motorcycle Riders: DIY


Do you wear spectacles and ride a motorcycle? If yes, chances are, you are fed up wearing them underneath your helmet: difficulty in putting them on, bent frames, discomfort behind the ears, and fogging are some of the issues most spectacled riders face. A few solutions to this problem are: use of contact lenses, buy special spectacles suitable for helmets like Oakley, while a few even stop wearing a helmet or start using a half-faced one. So what if you do not like wearing contact lenses, or you do not want to spend again on a specialized pair of eyeglasses and you only want to use a full-face helmet? (NoteYou should ideally only use full-faced helmets for maximum safety)

I myself wear spectacles, but generally do not wear them while riding as the lens power is only -0.5, and mostly because it is a pain pushing them through the front of the helmet. Rakesh, a friend and avid reader on our website, mentioned his agony of the eyeglasses fogging up and hurting him behind the ears on each ride. This is when I put on my thinking hat and found a quick fix solution that does not eliminate the issue of fogging, but atleast helps in eliminating the pain behind the ears, and most importantly, makes it so much easier to put on your eye-wear with the helmet on your head. So here is the DIY that all of you spectacled riders can surely complete at home.


  • A relatively inexpensive extra pair of spectacles (Thin-framed ones would be preferable). The reason I say extra and inexpensive is because you will not be able to use this pair without a helmet.
  • A pair of heavy-duty scissors and/or a utility knife.
  • A snug-fit helmet. (To know about the importance of a snug-fit and full-face helmet, click here)


  1. As shown in the pic below, take the scissors/Knife and cut the frame at the part where the frame bends over your left and right ears.
  2. Optional: If you end up with pointy frame edges after cutting, you can simply wrap a bit of electrical tape at the ends (Ensure you do not wrap on too much of it else you will end up with thick frame ends which could hurt the portion behind your temples, while using a snug-fit helmet). Another option would be to use sand paper to smoothen out the pointy bits.
  3. Voila, you are now ready to put on the spectacles with ease and ride as long as you like, without discomfort. After completing this DIY, I rode for a few hours with bumpy patches in between, and my spectacles stayed correctly in place without moving an inch. (Note: This DIY will only work with snug-fit helmets as now, the frame ends do not rest over your ears, but rather remain in place with the help of the padding of your helmet)
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