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Summary: The Rynox Kombat, a semi-gauntlet glove providing ample protection and ventilation for INR 2750, can be considered as one of the most reasonably priced leather motorcycle gloves, and perfectly suited for dry and hot weather. Its overall rating, however, does take a hit due to few quality issues which can be easily fixed by Rynox in the future versions of Kombat.

Here is the detailed review of the semi-gauntlet proposition from Rynox, the Kombat:

Features as per Rynox:

  • Genuine Aniline Leather
  • Pre-curved finger construction with rubber molded air vents, and perforations between fingers
  • Carbon-Fiber Knuckle protectors
  • Double-stitched KEVLAR lining with an internal fleece lining
  • EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam padding on the palm and additional EVA foam padding near the wrist
  • Adjustable Velcro strap at the cuff and on the wrist

Overall Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The Aniline leather seems to be of good quality. (Note: “Aniline Leather” means leather that is colored with a dye to retain the natural characteristics of the hide, and feels light and flexible.)
  • The stitching (most of it) is on the outside of the glove and it’s quality is good considering the pricing of the gloves.
  • The Knuckle, wrist and finger protectors are of good quality.

The not-good:

  • The size of the left-hand glove is slightly smaller compared to the right one, causing some difficulty while regularly wearing or removing. (Note: The fault may exist/ not exist with other gloves. Also, this was the only set available at the time of purchasing.)
  • After the gloves got wet in rain, the color of the dye has faded at certain parts.
  • The Velcro’s sticky fasteners are of very poor quality. After a few days of usage, the straps no longer remain secure as the adhesive property of these fasteners has become weak. However, wearing the gloves underneath the jacket’s sleeves solves this issue.
  • The loosened and uneven ends of stitching at some parts of the gloves brings down the overall quality. But, expect this to happen only after a few days of usage, as a result of wear and tear.



The Good:

  • Leather having the best abrasion resistance in comparison to other materials, provides optimal protection for the portion of the hand covered by the glove.
  • The knuckle protectors are known to absorb lots of energy during a crash. In order to prevent this energy from getting transferred to the hands, Rynox has provided additional layers of light-weight thin paddings underneath the knuckle protectors.
  • The Finger protectors along with the rubber molded air vents will definitely help in reducing the impact to the fingers in case of a fall. The little finger and the top portion of other fingers have been provided with double leather layers for extra protection. The back of the thumb also has a rubber molded Rynox seal that might reduce the impact to a certain extent.
  • The double-stitched KEVLAR lining on the palm and near the finger-joints will protect these regions from cuts and abrasions.
  • The hardened EVA Foam padding on the palm and on the sides of the palm (these sides have an additional layer of leather stitched to it) provide additional layers of protection and will help in reducing the damage to the Scaphoid and wrist region to a certain extent.
  • The additional EVA Foam paddings on the wrist near the Velcro straps and underneath the knuckle protectors also provide extra layers of protection to the wrist and the back of the palm.
  • Another rubber molded Rynox seal on the Velcro strap near the wrist might also help in absorbing damage upon impact.

The not-good:

  • A double leather layer underneath the fingers and on the palm could have further enhanced the protection level.
  • A thicker and slightly longer EVA foam padding or KNOX protectors on the palm region could offer more protection against scaphoid injuries.
  • A finger bridge between the little finger and the ring finger would have been better as this bridge can prevent the little finger, which is very vulnerable in case of a serious impact, from getting dislocated. (Note: One of the major flaws with most of the riding gloves is that they do not come with the Finger Bridges.)

Comfort and Fit:

The Good:

  • The Aniline leather feels light-weight and flexible. Riding with the gloves on for long duration, say more than 3 hours, does not feel too uncomfortable.
  • An internal fleece lining also provides comfort to the wrist region.
  • The rubber-molded air vents on the fingers and the perforations around the finger regions provide decent ventilation when riding above 50 KPH.
  • The Pre-curved finger construction helps in providing a good, comfortable grip on the handlebar.
  • The two-way Velcro strap mechanism ensures a precise fit around the wrist, but only when wearing the gloves underneath the jacket’s sleeves due to the issue with the Velcro fasteners.

The not-good:

  • The leather being slightly hard, does require a while to break-in. For me, it took nearly 600 km. But later on, the gloves molded perfectly to the shape of my hands.
  • There’s no internal fleece lining for the palm and finger portion. So, during long rides, they did hurt a bit. Also few protruding pokey elements at the inner stitching of the fingers caused slight irritation and pain after riding for a while.
  • The extra EVA foam padding at the wrist-end does slightly act as an obstruction while throttling (especially when wearing the gloves underneath the jacket’s sleeves).


Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • The Kombat gloves are especially meant for dry and hot season rides.
  • While riding during light rains, the gloves did manage to stay dry on the inside. (Note: Rynox does not advertise the Kombat as a rain-proof glove. Since I did not have a chance to test the gloves under heavy rainfall, I shall refrain myself from commenting on the same. However, this shall be tested and updated in the near future.)

The not-good:

  • The gloves felt slightly uncomfortable when riding on an extremely hot day (above 35 degree Celsius).
  • Even with the air vents and perforations, the hands would still sweat when riding below 30 KPH on a hot, humid day. So, that’s another reason for not preferring these gloves for very short rides, taking into consideration the volume of traffic on roads.
  • While riding during winter, say below 15 degree Celsius for an hour or so, the fingers became numb to such an extent that I was no longer able to throttle or press the clutch lever. And due to the few pokey elements as mentioned in the Comfort and Fit section, the fingers and wrists were hurting a lot. The Kombat gloves are extremely uneasy to ride with, during extreme winters.


Where to buy RYNOX Gears in India:

The RYNOX Gears can be purchased online or at any of their outlets or authorized re-sellers.


  • Try on the gloves at the store prior to purchasing. Make sure that the gloves are comfortable and of the correct size for your hands.
  • Only Leather gloves provide ample protection. Switching from a textile glove to a leather one might turn out to be slightly cumbersome while throttling and/or pressing the clutch lever at the beginning, but in the long-run they’ll indeed prove to be very comfortable along with providing optimal protection.
  • The Full-gauntlet gloves are known to provide much better protection in comparison to semi-gauntlet ones.
  • A motorcycle glove can never be specified as an all-weather-proof glove. It is, therefore, more preferable to have appropriate gloves corresponding to the seasons, without any compromise in the level of protection.


  • Good leather quality
  • Kevlar Lining
  • EVA Foam Paddings near the Palm and Wrist regions
  • Very Good Ventilation


  • No Double-layer Leather underneath the fingers and on the palm
  • Inferior quality of Velcro fasteners
  • Poor Cold weather compatibility
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