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Summary: The new Asphalt riding jacket from Rynox does a lot of things right: like the inclusion of Knox armor for the elbows and shoulders and highly effective mesh, but loses out on a few major issues like the rain-liner quality and its rainproof abilities.

(Note: Each product is tested for at least 300 km in real world conditions before the review is put up. Also do go through the image gallery at the end of the review to get better visual insights into the product)

The new Asphalt riding jacket from Rynox, is a mesh protective riding jacket which comes loaded with Knox armor on the shoulders and elbows. Read on for a detailed and unbiased review :


The Good:

  • The elbow and shoulder protectors are CE EN 1621-1 certified from Knox, who are the brand of choice for many highly respected motorcycle clothing brands in the world that choose Knox Original Equipment for their garments. Thus, you are sure to have good quality armor here.
Rynox Asphalt

Knox certified CE EN1621-1 shoulder and elbow protectors

  • The back armor is a CE EN 1621-2 certified foam based armor which should provide basic protection to your back in case of a minor fall. Note that the back armor is not from Knox.
  • The two press buttons on the arms have two adjustable positions which help in ensuring that the elbow armor is snug-fit over your arms.
  • The velcro straps at the wrist ensure a snug-fit which ensures that the jacket sleeves would not move up your arm during a fall.
  • The front and back of the Asphalt jacket is equipped with reflective lining and reflective ‘Rynox’ branding as well. This ensures better visibility at night.

The not-good:

  • There is no extra abrasion resistant reinforcement material at the shoulders or the elbows.
  • Some extra padding for the back would certainly help in better protection.


  • Before buying the jacket, wear it, sit on your bike and verify whether the armors fit perfectly snug over your shoulders and elbows. Do this exercise, both, with and without the rain-liner.

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Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The Asphalt is made up of a 600D Cordura frame and the remaining parts like the chest, inside of the arms and the back is made up of closely knitted mesh. The overall feel and quality of the jacket is good.
Rynox Asphalt

600 D cordura frame with good overall quality with a nice mesh design

  • Stitching quality is good as well. I did not find any loose ends or haphazard stitching.
  • The YKK zippers feel good and should last well.

The not-good:

  • At first glance itself, the included rain-liner quality is below par with haphazard sealing tape almost everywhere.



The Good:

  • The Asphalt looks really good. I really liked the design.
  • The elbow and shoulder armors are easily removable to facilitate washing of the jacket.
  • A zipper is present at the back of the jacket, which attaches to most popular brands of riding pants. This is particularly useful at high speeds when you are crouching, as it prevents your jacket from air buffeting. This also prevents the jacket from moving up your body in case of a fall.
  • Two external pockets are provided.
  • An internal mobile pocket with an earphone inlet is provided.
  • The zippers have pretty long extended pullers, which makes it easier to use the zippers with leather gloves as well.
  • The rain-liner is removable. It fits neatly inside the riding jacket, and can be removed or put on quickly.

The not-good:

  • Only one internal pocket is provided.
  • The back armor is removable, but the positioning of the velcro strap at the centre of the armor translates into quite an effort to actually remove it and an even bigger effort to put it back in. The positioning of the velcro strap on the upper side instead, could solve this problem.
  • An internal key holder could have been provided.
  • The rain-liner cannot be used as a standalone rain jacket due to the nature of its design.


Comfort and Fit:

The Good:

  • The first thing I noticed is that the jacket is really light in weight, and hence, very comfortable to wear even over a whole day of riding.
  • The waist and cuff velcro adjustment straps do a good job of ensuring a snug-fit.
  • Since the mesh is closely knitted, lesser air passes through the mesh. This makes for reduced wind blast on your torso, which greatly reduces fatigue over a long ride.
  • The micro-fiber collar is comfortable and does not itch at all.

The not-good:

  • The Rynox branding cloth flap on the top of the jacket behind the neck causes intermittent itching if it comes in contact with the neck.
  • The Asphalt is not available in size S, which is a shame.
  • The rain-liner should have preferably come with a perforated/breathable fabric on the inside to reduce the tendency of the plastic to get sticky on the skin on the arms, especially on hot sweaty days.


  • Before buying the jacket, wear it, with and without the rain-liner, to ensure it fits comfortably.


Weather Compatibility:

Note: Since I could not use the jacket in the rain, I did a hand shower test: Wear the jacket with the rain-liner on and spray yourself with water for around 10 min from the front with a hand shower, while ensuring no water goes in from the top of the collar. This method somewhat simulates rain hitting you from the front while riding, and is a better-than-nothing indicator of its waterproofing ability )

The Good:

  • I really loved the mesh used on the Asphalt. Since the pores for the air to enter are relatively small, it makes the air enter in a manner that enhances cooling and ventilation. On a hot summer day, sweating was minimal and I did not feel too warm on the inside.
  • I could not test the jacket in the cold, so would not comment on this, but I think this jacket would be okay to use in temperatures anywhere above 15 deg Celsius.

The not-good:

  • On doing the hand shower test, the T-shirt I was wearing on the inside got fully wet within a few minutes. Either the sealant tape used did not do its job, or the very design of the way the rain-liner attaches to the jacket is faulty. (Note: Rynox mention the jacket to be water-resistant, and not waterproof)


Rynox Asphalt

The Asphalt failed the shower test


The Rynox Asphalt, retailing at INR 6450 feels a tad overpriced. It does do a lot of things well, but also falters in some areas, especially with the rain-liner quality and its waterproofing ability. The inclusion of Knox elbow and shoulder armor is a welcome addition though. If Rynox manage to sort out the shortcomings, the Asphalt could be a winner.


Image Gallery:

Where to purchase the Rynox Asphalt:

The Asphalt can be purchased here or at their authorized dealers.


  • Knox protection
  • Very nice mesh design
  • Looks real good
  • Light in weight and comfortable


  • Rain-liner quality is not good
  • Failed the shower test
  • No reinforcement at the impact points
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