Redline+ Swing-arm Slider with Spools combo set: Review

Redline+ Swingarm Slider with Spools combo set
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  • Redline+ Swingarm Slider with Spools combo set
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Summary: The Swing-arm sliders and spools by Redline+ are of good quality and are compatible with almost all paddock stands and motorcycles.

To mount your motorcycle on the spool dependent version of Redline+’s BikeSpa paddock stand, a combo set of swing-arm sliders with spools is available at Redline+. Here is the review:


The Good:

  • Derlin Swing-arm slider: When you crash or have a low-side, there are chances of your swing-arm touching the ground if it’s uneven. This could potentially upset the geometry of the swing-arm and damage the axle nut. The slider is made of Derlin material which is solid in itself, but it is said to wear itself off due to the friction on impact with the ground. (Note:I obviously cannot test this out in real world conditions but Redline+ mention that it has been tested in the lab)
  • The slider fits easily onto the outside portion of the spool. (Note: The Redline+ swing-arm sliders may only be compatible with their own spools ).
  • Spools: The spools have a universal design which can be used on most motorcycles which have swing-arm mounting holes of course.
  • They can be easily combined with Redline+’s swing-arm Sliders.
Redline+ spool and swing-arm slider

Spools compatible with most paddock stands

The not-good:

  • None


  • You need a relatively big sized Allen key to fix the spools and swing-arm sliders to the swing-arm of your motorbike, so make sure you have a comprehensive Allen key set.
Redline+ spool and swing-arm slider

A relatively large Allen key is needed to fix the spools and sliders

Click here for the review of the Redline+ BikeSpa paddock stand.

Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The swing-arm slider made of Derlin material seems to be of good quality.
  • The spools are made of aluminium. Aluminium is a strong and corrosion resistant metal which should help with longevity.
  • The spools are sturdy and strong.
  • The Allen bolts provided to fix the spools and sliders are strong and of good quality too.
Redline+ spool and swing-arm slider

Derlin material used on the swing-arm sliders

The not-good:

  • The black powder coating on the spools has come off on contact with the paddock stand’s swing-arm pickups.



The spools and swing-arm sliders combo set by Redline+ provide the combination of compatibility with almost all paddock stands, along with swing-arm protection provided by the sliders. Do note that the spools can be bought separately at INR 799 without the sliders.

To ensure compatibility with your motorcycle and to purchase the combo set, click here.

To ensure compatibility with your motorcycle and to only purchase the spools, click here.


  • Good Quality
  • Derlin material used on the sliders


  • Black powder coating on the spools comes off
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