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Redline+ SofaRider Strap On Gel Seat
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Summary: The SofaRider from Redline+ is intended for all long distance tourers. Its effectiveness largely varies on a number of factors, but should be good for a lot of riders/pillions and on many motorcycles.

(Note: Each product is tested for at least 300 km in real world conditions before the review is put up. Also do go through all the image galleries to get better visual insights into the product)

Love long distance touring, but dread having a sore bottom after a few hours of riding? Redline+ have introduced the SofaRider, a strap on gel seat that fixes onto the rider or pillion seat, which is meant to solve this very problem. Let us see how effective it is in the review below:

Comfort and Fit: 

My opinion:

  • First let me talk about my experience with the stock seat of the Kawasaki Ninja 300. Generally, on long tours, I depart from home at around 5 am. At around 12 pm, that is after around 7 hours of riding, my bottom starts aching. The ache keeps increasing thereafter, and hence, more number of stops are needed and I also stand on the foot-pegs from time to time to alleviate the pain.
  • For testing out the SofaRider, I decided to go on a 350 km ride from Pune to Mumbai and back on the Ninja 300. For the first 2 hours of riding, I did not experience any pain whatsoever. But after that, I slowly started to feel a bit of pain at the bottom of my bottoms. I was now wondering if the gel seat actually made it worse. However, I kept riding on and what I noticed was that the pain did not increase any further till I reached back home (This was an 8 hours ride). Moreover, inspite of the increased seat height, I did not feel too much difference in the seating posture. This is because the gel seat compresses when one sits on it.
  • I also used the SofaRider on a Bajaj Pulsar as well and found it pretty awkward. It did not feel comfortable right from the start. I started to have thigh aches within an hour of riding.
  • What I conclude from my experience is: There are various factors which decide whether the SofaRider will help alleviate bottom aches on long tours: The shape and size of the rider’s/pillion’s bottom, the person’s weight, the shape of the stock seat, the seat height of your motorcycle, and the riding posture on your motorbike.
  • I believe the SofaRider might be more beneficial on motorbikes with flat seats like the Ninja 300.
  • Apart from this, Redline+ also offers the ability to modify your existing stock seat to accommodate the gel and memory foam elements. I believe this should work better as the seat height now does not change, and the seat shape and size is almost the same as the stock ( This matters because over time, your bottom gets used to the seat shape and seating posture )
  • The SofaRider can also be used for a pillion and again, its effectiveness shall vary depending on a myriad of factors.
Redline+ SofaRider Gel Seat

Seat height increases but not by much

Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • No qualms using the gel seat while riding continuously on a hot sunny day or on a cool night.
  • I could not use the product in the rain so shall not comment. But as per Redine+, the gel and foam do not get bad due to water exposure.
  • The SofaRider has an IP 64 rating, which means that it is totally protected from dust and protected from water spray/splashes. (Note: The IP code, which is also known as Ingress protection rating classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects like dust, and liquids like water )

The not-good:

  • On a hot sunny day, after parking the motorcycle for about 3 hours under the sun,  the gel seat became extremely hot and took a lot of time to cool down. I could feel the heat on my bottoms and it was pretty uncomfortable.


Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The SofaRider is made up of a gel sheet, which is a soft co-polymer in semi-solid gel form. The secondary layer is the memory foam which is made up of polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density giving it fast recovery to its original shape.
  • The outer cover is made up of layered cotton and nylon textile. It gives good grip to the rider. I did not experience any movement during braking or accelerating.
  • The velcro straps to attach the SofaRider are strong and sturdy.
  • The stitching is good and the overall build quality is very good.
  • All raw materials have been sourced from iso certified manufacturers.

The not-good:

  • None


Mounting System:

My Opinion:

  • On the Pulsar (which has a press to fit type seat), strapping on the gel seat to the bike seat is an easy task. Remove the bike seat, pass the SofaRider straps below the bike seat, secure them tightly and then fit the bike seat back with the SofaRider now attached to it.
  • On the Ninja 300 (which has the rider seat fixed with two screws on each side), the mounting is much more difficult. After attaching the straps, the screw hole on the sides of the bike where the seat is attached would now no longer match the screw holes on the seat. This is because the straps passing beneath the seat result in a very slight increase in seat height, which is enough to cause a mismatch in the screw holes. I still managed to fix one screw on one side though, after trying multiple ways to attach the straps. Then again, this problem is solved if you choose to have the stock seat modified to accommodate the gel and memory foam elements.
  • In short, I think the mounting shall vary from bike to bike, but should easily fit onto most ones.
  • Another way to attach the seat easily is by tying the straps onto the rear foot peg holders.
  • The gel seat can also be used for a pillion, and can again be mounted in different ways: strapped below the seat, below the rear fender, or by attaching the straps to the saddle bag straps.
  • The 4 long straps provided can be moved in a 90 deg angle range, which means the gel seat can be used on split seats as well as on a single-piece banana seat.
Redline+ SofaRider Gel Seat

Good quality mounting straps that loop below the seat


The SofaRider is an interesting product by Redline+. Its effectiveness varies largely on a number of factors as you have read in the review, but should largely be more effective on seats with a flat profile. This may not always hold true though, and could be effective on other seat shapes as well. I suggest getting in touch with the guys at Redline+ as they shall guide you based on your motorcycle.

To buy the SofaRider and know more about its features, click here


  • Very Good Build Quality
  • IP 64 rating


  • May not be effective for everyone
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  • sapan maniyar

    Great Review Suraj.

    Do you think this will be a good addition on the Duke390 seat which is really hard ?
    Would the mounting be difficult ?
    Does the seat absorb some shocks on a bumpy ride ?

    • Suraj Patil

      Thanks Sapan. Yes it should be a good bet on the Duke 390. It would be better if you go in for their stock seat modification option, as it would not alter the riding position and ride height. Mounting shouldn’t be a problem even if you go for the standalone gel seat. And yes, the gel seat does absorb a few shocks, albeit not by much.

  • Navin

    Do you think this will be good for CBR150R?

    • Suraj Patil

      Yes it should

  • Christopher Dcosta

    A very good review Suraj. I my self have a ninja 300 white , wanted to know the cost of modifying the seat to gelseats by redline plus

  • Christopher Dcosta

    Ie .the pillion and rider

  • Shersha Basheer

    Hello, am having a KTM DUKE 200. Both the seats(rider and pillion) are a real pain in the ass. My use for the bike is long distance travel, most times, and my back hurts after an hour or so. So I need to know whether this is better option for me or not.
    There is sofa rider Gel Seat Cover available now, so should I stick on to that or the strap on type.

    P.S. My height is 191 cms and weight is 94kgs.

  • Lalit Nagrath

    looks like gel seat isnt good for our Hot summers :(