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Redline+ BikeSpa Paddock Stand
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Summary: The Redline+ paddock stand named BikeSpa is a quality product from Redline+. It is reasonably priced and has good utility.

The BikeSpa is a motorcycle paddock stand by Redline+. We review the version which needs spools to mount.


The Good:

  • First thing to note about this version of the BikeSpa paddock stand is that it can only be used with spools. They do have other designs which are usable without spools as well. A few advantages of having spools is that your motorcycle is more secure on the stand. Moreover, it is slightly easier to use the stand by a single person. Another plus point of spools is that they can be combined with swing-arm sliders. Click here for the review of the Swingarm Slider with Aluminium Spools combo set by Redline+. (Note: The Redline+ swing-arm sliders may only be compatible with their own spools ).
  • As with the BikeSpa stand or any other paddock stand, their main use is to have a more secure way to park your motorcycle, to easily clean and lube your motorcycle chain, and to easily adjust the chain slack.
  • The BikeSpa stand is easy to use. Mount the spools (this is a one-time effort), adjust the width of the swing arm pickups to match the spool grooves, hold the bike upright (I would recommend having another person doing this for you until you are confident of performing this step on your own), then place the paddock stand with the swing-arm pickups matching with the spool grooves. Now push the stand downwards to lift up the bike and secure it on the stand.
  • Removing the bike from the stand is much more difficult to do alone as you risk having the bike tip over if it leans onto the right side. With practice however, you can do this alone. (Note: If you want to do this alone, I would recommend having frame sliders installed which would prevent your motorbike from getting damaged even if it tips over and falls)
Redline+ BikeSpa Paddock Stand

Swing-arm pickup fits into the spool groove

The not-good:

  • For those who do not have a safe parking place at home: after removing the paddock stand from the motorcycle, you need to either keep it back home or keep it in your car (if you have one). This is mostly applicable to those living in apartments. To fix this shortcoming, there should have been a groove/hole present somewhere on the paddock stand to let a chain or wire lock pass through it, which could in turn be used to secure the stand against say, a pillar when the stand is not in use.
  • Not compatible with motorbikes that do not have mounting holes for spools, but then again, you have the option of going for the non-spool compatible version.

Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • A one piece design is used for superior strength. It also features bent pipes with no sharp angles.
  • I tested the stand on a Ninja 300 which weighs 174 kg and it felt sturdy and strong (Redline+ say they have tested it for a motorcycle weight of 250 kg).
  • The plastic caster wheels are fixed to the stand with the help of a rod and secured with cotter rings which ensure that the wheels do not come off anytime.
  • The mechanism to adjust the width of the swing-arm pickups is simple and precise.
  • The swing-arm pickups are sturdy and seem to be well made as well.
Redline+ BikeSpa Paddock Stand

Cotter ring used to secure the wheel

The not-good:

  • The plastic wheels could be replaced with rubber ones for a more premium feel and a smoother operation, but that would mean an increase in cost too.
Redline+ BikeSpa Paddock Stand

Plastic wheels which could have been of rubber



At INR 2099, the BikeSpa paddock stand is one of the most reasonably priced stand I have come across. The build quality is good and is useful for your chain maintenance needs and for having a safer way to park your motorbike.

Click here to purchase the BikeSpa stand.


  • Good Quality
  • Ease of Use


  • No way to secure the stand when off the bike
  • Quality of the wheels could have been better
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