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Summary: For city commute, the Probiker gloves are an apt option providing basic protection to your hand and fingers in case of low speed falls.

The Probiker gloves are the cheapest textile riding gloves one can buy. Let us see how they fare in our review.

Overall construction quality:

The Good:

  • Considering the price point, the overall construction quality, textile material, knuckle and finger protectors is decent.
  • Stitching feels good, and should not give way till about 6 months to a year, depending on how frequently you would use them.

The not-so-good:

  • Again considering the price, one cannot say much against the quality of this product.


Probiker Gloves Textile Material

Textile Material


The Good:

  • The plastic knuckle protector, and the rubberized protectors on the top of the fingers would probably help minimizing injury in a crash, provided it is a low speed crash below 20-25 kph.

The not-so-good:

  • The material used being textile, has the least abrasion resistance. This means a fall at speeds greater than 25 kph would tear apart the glove and not provide any protection.
  • The palm and the bottom side of the glove being totally of textile, will surely tear apart on impact.
  • Will not protect your wrists.
  • The single Velcro strap does not do a very good job in keeping itself strapped up.


  • If you plan to buy these gloves, use them only for city riding where you will primarily be riding in stop-go traffic.


Comfort, Fit and Finish:

The Good:

  • Not as comfortable as a leather glove, but once you get used to the feel, you shall be at ease.
  • Having a single Velcro strap, it can be quickly removed and put back on.
  • The gloves grip the handlebar well.

The not-so-good:

  • The fingers feel itchy at times when some thread or piece of textile from inside rubs against them.


  • Try on the gloves before buying. You need to ensure the gloves are comfortable and fit correctly on your hands.
  • This glove will not have any break-in effect, so choose the correct size upfront.


Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • Being textile in nature, it is breathable by default, and hence, can be used on hot summer days as well. And again, being textile, no issues after riding in the rain, as they dry up quick.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Forget using these on cold winter mornings below 15-18 deg C, as your fingers are sure to go numb.
  • Your hands and fingers immediately get wet on the inside while riding in rain.


The Probiker gloves can be bought at INR 279 from Snapdeal


  • Low cost
  • Good for City commute


  • Only low speed crash protection
  • Unusable in Winter
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