MT Revenge Helmet Review

MT Revenge Helmet Review
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  • MT Revenge Helmet Review
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  • Last modified: May 7, 2015
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Summary: The MT Revenge helmet backing a 5 star safety rating from SHARP, a British Government safety scheme that provides independent safety ratings for motorcycle helmets, is one of the lightest and safest lids available among the least-expensive category ones. The integrated NFC chip for GPS location, however, stands out to be a very distinctive feature of this helmet. Being affordable at 5150 INR ($82), the MT Revenge has been specially designed for racing, and less for the daily commute (from my perspective though). That being said, there are other downsides too, limited not only to the Revenge series.


  • Two Shell sizes from XS – XXXL
  • Polycarbonate Shell (Racing Shell Configuration)
  • Dual homologations DOT and ECE/ONU REG 22.05.P
  • 5-Star (maximum) SHARP rating
  • ACU Gold Standard – Autocycle Union, a governing body for motorcycle racing
  • Aerodynamic shaped shell weighing in at around 1400 +/- 50g
  • Removable and Washable lining with Anti-allergic fabrics

  • QR (Quick Release) micrometric buckle system
  • 5-step visor closing system with quick release mechanism
  • GE Lexan single lens shield with a standard hard coated anti-scratch treatment on both sides of the visor
  • ADVS (Advanced Damper Vents System)
  • Reflective detailing on the rear of the neck roll
  • Integrated NFC chip for transmitting GPS location upon impact during accident to the registered recipients via NearVox android application; smartphone must have an embedded NFC chip
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturing warranty


  • Established in 1968 in Spain, with a presence in more than 50 countries including India via Spartan ProGear.
  • Also known as Manufacturas Tomás, SA.
  • MT helmets have been approved by stringent international helmet safety regulatory boards including DOT (USA), ECE/ONU 22.05.P (EU), SNELL (USA), NTC 4533 (Columbia), NBR 7471 (Brazil) and SHARP (UK).


Overall Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The sturdy shell and great graphics bring a premium look to the Revenge.
  • The aerodynamic shape of the shell, that incorporates a curved base, makes the helmet best suited for race tracks.
  • The 5-step visor closing mechanism ensures that the visor does not accidentally open up while riding at high speeds.
  • The quality of the visor is good considering the lower-sided price.

The Not-Good:

  • Open-close mechanism of cooling vents is not very slick.
  • The inner plastic components of the shell are non-uniform and seem to be of not-so-good quality.
  • In almost all of the Limited-Evo versions of the helmet, the NFC chips do not get detected easily, probably due to their placement towards the front-left of the helmet, instead of being placed exactly in the front as in other Revenge models.
  • Due to the thickness and the highly curved, narrow shape of the visor, a slight distortion can be observed along with limited visibility range of the surroundings. Other MT helmets do also suffer from this narrow vision issue (Revenge fairs slightly better).
  • The absence of a magnetic strap causes the loose end of the micrometric fastener to flap around and slap the side of the helmet, causing slight distraction while riding.


The Good:

  • The Revenge helmet is DOT and ECE/ONU R.22.05 certified with the symbols permanently labelled on the rear.
  • It has received a safety rating score of 5/5 stars from SHARP. Click here to find more about the score on the SHARP website.
  • The Revenge comes with a QR micrometric fastener that is secure and yet easy to release while wearing riding gloves. [Note: Few of the models have the better race-spec Double-D ring retention mechanism]
  • A reflective detailing on the neck roll at the rear of the helmet ensures the rider is visible to other vehicles during night-time.

The Not-Good:

  • The MT-Alert feature requires the rider to tap the smartphone with a NFC chip to the designated area on the helmet (indicated by a NFC sticker) to send an alert SMS to multiple recipients in case of an accident. However, in such a case, the rider might be incapacitated in order to perform this.
  • Moreover, the MT-Alert system is functional only on an Android application, NFC Nearvox Platform. And the smartphone must have an embedded NFC chip to activate the feature.

Comfort and Fit:

The Good:

  • The Revenge is made up of a polycarbonate shell, but it’s still lighter than most full-faced helmets, weighing in at around 1400 +/- 50g.
  • Being a very snug-fit helmet with an aerodynamic shaped shell, no buffeting can be observed, even at a high speed of 135 kph.
  • Fitting size may differ from shell size as the Revenge helmets are manufactured in two shell sizes, and thicker or thinner paddings are used to fit different head sizes.

The Not-Good:

  • The Break-in period is too long as it is a very snug fit helmet and the internal padding fails to compress even after regular usage.
  • MT advertises the padding as an anti-allergic fabric, but to my experience it functions exactly the opposite on the facial skin. During the initial periods, I had rashes developed on my face after wearing the helmet for long duration. However, after washing the padding with shampoo and fabric softeners several times, it did eventually become slightly soft and felt smooth.
  • While wearing the helmet continuously for long duration, the pressure points around the ear region are so intense that it causes the ears to swell up and hurt a lot. During my first & last long ride with this helmet, I had to consume painkillers at frequent intervals to lessen the pain and eventually had to remove one of the cheek pads to continue on my journey. [Note: This particular issue might be because I have a wide facial structure and large ears, so it may differ from person to person based on their facial bone structure]
  • For riders with eye-glasses (take me for instance), it is highly uncomfortable to wear them in such a snug fit helmet. They might break too.

Ventilation and Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • Ventilation is very good considering the four front vents, one on the chin guard, two on the forehead, and a large rear-top vent coupled with two mini rear-bottom vents.
  • The ventilation performs a good job, especially during the hot days, as the top vents direct the air to the forehead and exit through the large and small rear vents that prevent the upper padding from getting dampened due to sweating.

The Not-Good:

  • The front vents, despite being many in number, are less effective when compared to the ones on the forehead and the rear.
  • Due to the extreme snug fit, the cheek pads did get damp with sweat, making it uncomfortable to ride during a hot, humid day.
  • During the cold days (8-14 degree Celsius) and even with the vents closed, it was very difficult to ride with the cold air seeping in through the chin curtain and the closed upper vents on the forehead. Hence, a neck warmer and/or a balaclava is highly recommended during very cold days, but this also leads to the fogging of the visors if riding at low speeds.
  • No pinlock visor is provided by default. Due to the absence of an anti-fogging mechanism, during cold and/or wet days, the visor gets easily fogged up while breathing heavily, even if the front vents are opened.
  • Another drawback with the front top and rear top vents is that they have been designed in such a way that during heavy rains, if these vents are not closed completely (to prevent fogging), rain water seeps through.
  • The design of the eye port gasket allows few drops of rain water to leak through the rubber seal between the visor and the helmet.

Noise Suppression:

The Good:

  • The helmet does a good job in suppressing the vehicle engine noise, but only when riding below 70kmph.
  • Compared to other expensive helmets, the Revenge performs well in suppressing wind noise too.

The Not-Good:

  • Despite the wind noise suppression, there is a constant whistling sound near the front top vents while riding above 60kmph.
  • Since there’s no padding around the ear region, engine noise gets too intensive when riding above 120kmph, and due to the extreme snug fitting, it’s very difficult to insert ear plugs.


Official Size Chart for MT Revenge(as provided on the Spartan ProGear website)

MT revenge size chart


Based on the price vs performance factor, the MT Revenge helmet does the job for as low as 5150 INR. The SHARP 5-rating ensures the maximum protection this helmet can provide despite the other flaws, and it’s equally tough to find another helmet with such a solid performance at this price in India.

Where to buy MT helmets in India:

Spartan ProGear is the sole importer of MT helmets in India. The list of authorized resellers in India can be found here

Note: Please feel free to comment in case of any discrepancies in the review. I’d also like to add that the review of comfort and fit factors varies from person to person. I’d suggest any rider to first try out the helmet at the store, wear it for more than 20 minutes, check for pressure points and only if you feel comfortable, go ahead with that helmet. Not all helmets have the same fit for a particular size. And do make sure to always wear a helmet no matter how far you ride.

To know more about the importance of a snug-fit helmet, click here


  • 5-Star SHARP rating
  • Attractive Pricing
  • Good Ventilation


  • Too long Break-in period for the padding
  • Whistling noise from the top vents above 60 kph
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  • Manish

    Thanks for this in depth review. Just a few points, MT does all possible to provide products to fit the masses, there maybe a few whom it does not favour and unfortunately this did not do well with you. Yes this is a very snug helmet and does not compress easily and is definitely a factor that goes in its favour for long lasting support around your face against impact. Overall loved the review and would like it if you specified the stores, makes it easier on the riders to know where to get their gear from.

    • Suraj Patil

      Manish, the review already mentions the stores from where you can buy :)

    • Sid Dash

      Hi Manish, Thank you for your feedback. I have indeed mentioned in my review that the fitting may differ from person to person. And I completely agree with the fact that the Revenge Helmet will definitely provide optimal protection against impact. Cheers :)

      • Ashwanth Paul

        Sid what is your head circumference size? I measured mine to be 54 cm but the small felt too tight to eventually giving headache due to too much pressure. I am planning to exchange one size bigger but i am afraid that if i wear a balaclava it might be too tight. Please do advice if i should go for the M or L model since i am really not sure how big a 1 size higher can be.

  • David Nogales

    hi, thanks for this review!, I’ve bought one of these, and found it really uncomfortable in my ears too. I was watching that part inside and looks like one is just missing, it have different texture… I don’t know how explain very well… I’m not an English speaker, so sorry about all. if you can confirm please… thank you!

  • Aditya

    Even I am getting ear pain when using MT revenge. Can something be done to avoid this. I never faced this problem in LS2.

  • Mohak Adav

    Good review, I have been using the MT Revenge for 1.2yrs and I also get ear pain after 250-300kms of riding. The padding is still intact and has not got compressed yet even though washing it couple of times.
    I’m upgrading soon to MT Snake Carbon helmet , waiting for it as it is out of stock on Spartan Gear. Can you make a review of it if it’s available .