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Summary: The Motul Chaain Lube is a good product, that helps keep your motorcycle chain well lubricated.

Motul, a company synonymous with oils and oil-based products, have a popular product in their line-up: the Motul Chain Lube for the road. Let us see how it fares in the review:I have used the Motul chain lube in city traffic, on medium to high speed highway runs, and under all sorts of weather conditions ranging from extreme heat, cold winter, to heavy rains.

The 400ml/INR560 chain lube can/bottle comes with two plastic nozzle attachments, one with a small spray pipe and the other with a long one to lube hard-to-access chains. After shaking the can and spraying the chain with lube, you can immediately notice that the oil is on the sticky side, which is a good thing. In dry conditions and under mixed riding conditions, that is a mix of city and highway riding, the lube lasted for about 550km, which is decent. Under pure highway running, the lube lasts for about 450 to 500km. The reduction in longevity vis-a-vis mixed riding conditions is due to increased oil fling at higher speeds. When it comes to riding in the rain, the lube does not last more than 300km, what with all the muck and grime being splashed onto the chain.

Motul Chain Lube

Long spray pipe

The lube being viscous and sticky, causes the rear wheel rim to get a bit sticky and attracts a lot of dirt. Regular cleaning of the rim is thus needed. One slight downside to the sticky nature of the Motul chain lube is the chain attracts a lot of dirt, thus requiring cleaning of the chain after about every 1200 to 1500km of riding.


The 400ml Motul Chain Lube is a good value-for-money product. A single can will last you well and the sticky nature of the oil bodes well when it comes to chain longevity.

The chain lube can be bought from Amazon at INR560.


  • Viscous and sticky
  • Good longevity


  • Chain gets dirty pretty quickly
  • Regular cleaning of the chain is needed
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