LS2 FF351 Phobia Helmet Review

Ls2 FF351 Helmet
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Summary: With so many flaws and discrepancies with model numbers, SHARP ratings and helmet weight, this LS2 helmet should ideally be out of your shopping cart.

The LS2 helmets are one of the most popular helmets out there amongst riders of all ages. The FF351 model, is the one we shall be reviewing.

Here is the detailed review:

Overall construction quality:

The Good:

  • The visor opening and closing mechanism is slick.
  • For its relatively lower price range, the FF351 exhibits decent overall quality.
  • The paint job is pretty good.

The not-so-good:

  • Removal of the visor is not an easy task. It requires quite a bit of practice and effort to remove and re-attach the visor.



The Good:

  • A sticker on the back mentions it to be an ECE 22.05 certified helmet, the authenticity of which, cannot be confirmed.

The not-so-good:

  • The first scam: When you purchase the helmet, you see a sticker on the visor which mentions the model number as FF351, with 4-star SHARP rating. Now if you start looking around inside the helmet, you will notice the model number to be shown as FF350 on the strap, which leads to the fact that we are unsure which model this actually is. This is extremely misleading to the customer and a total lie on LS2’s part, they should be taken to task for this scam.
  • Now, if you take a look on the SHARP website, the FF350 model has a 4-star SHARP rating, but the FF351 model has a 1-star SHARP rating.
  • If there is such a big scam being done by LS2, I do not have any faith in the helmet protecting my head in case of a fall.
  • The next flaw: You only get the size L in India. So if your head size is smaller or bigger than size L, well, then tough luck, unless you don’t mind having a loose or too tight helmet on your head, bearing in mind the importance of a snug-fit helmet.
  • The lid does not feature a D-ring mechanism. It has an easy-to-use buckle mechanism, which, on impact, can leave the lid susceptible to come off the head.


Comfort, fit and finish:

The Good:

  • The one thing that I was impressed with was the padding and liner quality. It is soft, cushy, and extremely pleasing to the skin.

The not-so-good:

  • Second scam: The helmet mentions the weight to be 1300 + or – 50gms. On actual weighing, it turned out to be around 1486gms.
  • Turning your head to the sides causes your head to be pushed to one side.


  • Wear the helmet for at least 15 min in the shop where you are purchasing from. This helps in knowing if there are any pressure points being created on your head. If yes, then either try on another size, or another model.
  • Ensure that the helmet is snug fit.
Actual weight-1468gms

Actual weight-1468gms



Ventilation and Airflow:

The Good:


The not-so-good:

  • Both vents in the front are virtually useless as I did not feel any difference in airflow on opening both of them.


Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • In medium to heavy rain, not a single drop of water enters through the visor.

The not-so-good:

  • On hot and sunny days, sweating is an issue as the liner does not possess any sweat wicking capability.
  • On cold days between 10-15deg C, one feels really cold on the face as there is no chin curtain provided.
  • No anti-fogging mechanism is present. This becomes a big problem on cold mornings and nights, with the visor easily getting fogged up.


  • On cold days, wearing a balaclava which covers the neck and face properly is a must.
  • Avoid riding in the rain after sunset, as visibility gets very poor.
  • When riding in rain, avoid wiping the visor with your gloves, as it could lead to scratches. Do not use those rubber attachments that fit on the gloves to clean the visor, because, even a little bit of mud on it could scratch the visor.


Noise Suppression:

The Good:

  • None

The not-so-good:

  • There is absolutely no wind noise suppression, but again, considering this to be a low priced helmet, one cannot expect too much in this department.


  • Usage of earplugs is recommended.



The LS2 FF351 Lunatic Helmet can be bought at INR 4690 from Amazon.


  • Comfortable Padding


  • Misleading model numbers
  • Only size L available
  • Misleading Helmet Weight
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