DSG Primal Full-Gauntlet Gloves: Review

DSG Primal Full-Gauntlet Gloves
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  • DSG Primal Full-Gauntlet Gloves
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Summary: The DSG Primal full-gauntlet gloves exhibit good protection capability. At the given price, the leather quality is pretty good too. One main significant issue though, is the fact that the gloves poke your fingers a bit too much for comfort.

The DSG Primal is one of the first full-gauntlet gloves by an Indian manufacturer which was launched a few years back. Let us see how it fares in our review:

Overall Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The leather has a premium feel and the quality is really good for the price. Between the Cramster TRG2 and the Aspida Ares full-gauntlet gloves, the leather quality of the Primal is surely better than the TRG2 and on par with the Ares. In terms of pricing, it sits between the TRG2 and the Ares. ( Click here for our detailed review of the TRG2 gloves, and here for the Ares )
  • The finger, knuckle, wrist, and palm protectors feel sturdy and are of good quality. The stitching is decent as well.
  • The velcro straps are strong enough and did not come loose at any point of time during a 6 hours ride.

The not-good:

  • Nothing that I can think of.


The Good:

  • Leather being the most abrasion resistant of all materials apart from Kevlar, makes for optimum protection to your hands and fingers. Being a full-gauntlet and owing to the good quality leather used, it sure is a safe bet on all your rides.
  • The protectors feel strong and of good quality. ( Since the protectors on the gloves are not certified as such, it is impossible to accurately know how effective the armors are until you have a fall, and even then, there are multiple factors like the speed of impact, angle of impact, etc. So we can only comment going by the hands-on feel of the protectors )
  • There are additional protectors on the outer side of the palm, at the bottom of the palm, and on both sides of the wrist.
  • The three-way velcro strap mechanism and the wrist strap ensure a snug-fit which diminishes the probability of the gloves coming off during a fall.

The not-good:

  • The palm, being the first part of your hand to hit the road during a crash, does not have additional leather layers for protection.
  • The thumb does have an extra leather layer for additional abrasion resistance, but does not have any protectors.
  • The index and middle finger do not have protectors in the section just behind the fingernails.

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Comfort and Fit:

The Good:

  • The leather being soft and flexible enough, makes for a good feel and decent feedback on the handlebar.
  • Fits neatly over the sleeves of a riding jacket, with the three-way Velcro strap assuring a snug fit.

The not-good:

  • The biggest gripe against the Primal is that the insides of the gloves poke your fingers to such an extent that they start paining after a while. This poky feeling is due to the extra fabric on the inside that rubs against your fingers, which is pretty uncomfortable I must say.
  • The stitching is on the inside of the gloves, which again contributes to the discomfort.


  • Try on the gloves before buying. You need to ensure the gloves are comfortable and fit correctly on your hands.
  • If your hand size is in between two available sizes, go for the lower sized one, as the break-in effect will ensure it fits you correct eventually.
  • If you are upgrading from textile or semi-gauntlet gloves, on riding for about the first 200 km, you will find the full gauntlets uncomfortable, you will have less feedback while riding, and you may even find using the switchgear cumbersome. However, once you get used to them, all these issues will vanish completely.


Weather Compatibility:

Note: DSG does not specify this product to be waterproof.

The Good:

  • On a very hot day with temperatures touching 40 deg Celsius, there was minimal sweating and not too much discomfort, which is testament to the well placed air vents.
  • In temperatures of around 15-20 deg, you will not feel too much chill in your fingers, but go lower than that, and your fingers will get a bit too chilled for comfort.
  • I could not test the Primal in the rain, so would not comment. These being non waterproof though, would not be apt to use in the rains.

The not-good:

  • None


  • If you predominantly like to ride in the dry, then this glove is a good bet.
  • If you extensively ride in the rain, then go for waterproof ones. Be warned though, waterproof gloves will be extremely uneasy to wear in any season apart from the monsoon.



At the given price, the DSG Primal has decent protection characteristics and the leather quality is pretty good. The main gripe though is that it’s not comfortable on the fingers.


Where to buy the PRIMAL:

The Primal can be purchased here or at any of their authorized dealers.

Note: Please feel free to comment in case of any discrepancies in the review. I’d also like to add that the comfort and fit may vary from person to person. 


  • Good Quality Leather
  • Decent Protection Capability


  • Very Uncomfortable on the fingers
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