Cramster TRG2 Gloves: Review

Cramster TRG2 Full-Gauntlet Gloves
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  • Cramster TRG2 Full-Gauntlet Gloves
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Summary: At the given price point, the TRG2 ticks the right boxes when it comes to protection. It does have it's own set of flaws though, which is a pity. If Cramster do fix the few niggles in the future, this could potentially be a pair of well-rounded full-gauntlet riding gloves

The TRG2 Full-Gauntlet riding gloves from Cramster shall be put to test in our detailed review.

Overall construction quality:

The Good:

  • The stitching quality on the TRG2 is decent considering the price point.
  • The knuckle, wrist and finger protectors feel good as well.
  • The three-way velcro straps and the wrist retention strap snap on well and do not get loose even over a whole day of riding.

The not-so-good:

  • The leather quality does not seem as good as say, the Aspida (Spartan Progear) Ares gloves. At first I was wondering if it was just me, but upon inspection by some of my rider buddies, they agreed to the same.

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The Good:

  • Leather having the best abrasion resistance among all materials (except for Kevlar) makes for reassuring safety for the portion of your hand covered by the glove. Coupled with it being full-gauntlet, it sure is a safe bet to use on your rides, short or long.
  • Cramster say the Knuckle protector is reinforced with Carbon Kevlar (by Schoeller-Keprotec). Schoeller is a Swiss textile manufacturing company that makes various types of special fabrics. The Schoeller-Keprotec fabric in particular, is highly durable, extremely abrasion resistant, and temperature resistant as well. It is made up of Cordura, high-tensile polyamide, or Kevlar®. (Note: “Reinforced” means that only a part of the knuckle protector has the Schoeller-Keprotec fabric, and not the whole protector)
  • The finger protectors are well placed and should help reduce impact to your fingers in case of a fall.
  • The reinforced rubber strip at the heel of the palm is a good inclusion (The heel of the palm is the first part that will come in contact with the road during a fall), which could have been better, had it been covering a larger area of the palm.
  • The wrist protectors are pretty large in size.
  • The little finger has a double leather layer for added protection.

The not-so-good:

  • The palm area does not have enough reinforced layers of protection.

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Comfort and Fit:

The Good:

  • The TRG2 gloves grip the handle bar well.
  • They fit neatly over the sleeves of a riding jacket, with the three-way Velcro strap assuring a snug fit.

The not-so-good:

  • The stitching on the gloves is on the inside, which is not ideal in terms of comfort.
  • There are quite a few protruding pokey elements at the inner stitching of the fingers, causing irritation and slight pain to the index and little fingers, after a few hours of riding.
  • The sticky and clingy type of leather used, means that it is a pain to remove and put on the gloves, more so if you are sweating.
  • After about two hours of riding, my right index finger felt uncomfortable when gripping the handle bar. This is because of an extra layer of leather on the underside, which was not bending uniformly along the curvature of the handle bar.


  • Try on the gloves before buying. You need to ensure the gloves are comfortable and fit correctly on your hands.
  • If your hand size is in between two available sizes, go for the lower sized one, as the break-in effect will ensure it fits you correct eventually.
  • If you are upgrading from textile or semi-gauntlet gloves, on riding for about the first 200 km, you will find the full gauntlets uncomfortable, you will have less feedback while riding, and you may even find using the switchgear cumbersome. However, once you get used to them, all these issues will vanish completely.


Weather Compatibility:

Note: Cramster does not specify this product to be rainproof. Moreover, we could not test them in temperatures below 15 deg C or in the rain, so I shall refrain from commenting on it’s winter and rain usage capability.

The Good:

  • These gloves are comfortable in ambient temperatures ranging anywhere from 18 deg C to 27-28 deg C.

The not-so-good:

  • Go above 28-30 deg C, and you find your fingers too sweaty and sticky for your liking.
  • The inside of the left glove at the middle finger which grips the handle bar, becomes sticky like chewing gum in the heat, which is pretty uncomfortable.

The TRG2 can be purchased online here and at authorized Cramster resellers.


  • Decent Protection
  • Schoeller-Keprotec Reinforced Knuckle Protector


  • Leather quality could have been better
  • Irritates the fingers
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