Cramster Inner Wear Knee Protector: Review

Cramster Inner Wear Knee Protector
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Summary: A value-for-money product, the Cramster InnerWear Knee protectors provide good protection to the knees and shin bone. The quality is good, and they are comfortable on short commutes too.

Note: We use all riding gear for at least 300 km in real world conditions before putting up a review. This ensures that we test out the product in all aspects.

The INR 1400 Knee protector from Cramster that I am going to review today is one that you have to wear on the inside of your jeans/pants. Read on for the detailed review:



The Good:

  • The Knee and shin protector is made up of a CE grade (not sure if CE grade means CE certified though) Polypropylene shell panel. Polypropylene is a plastic that only breaks after taking significant damage and is thus, highly unlikely to shatter on impact.
Cramster Knee Protectors

Polypropylene shell

  • The knee cap shell is pretty wide, covering the sides of your knee as well.
  • The shin protector is long enough to adequately cover your shin bone (Note: My height is 5 feet 5 inches, so for taller riders, it may not be long enough)

The not-good:

  • There are two rivets on the knee cap shell and two at the top portion of the Shin shell to hold the rubber Cramster logo patch. I am not sure if this would potentially hamper impact protection, but not having them would surely do no harm.
Cramster Knee Protectors

Rivets that could be eliminated

  • The two elastic straps are placed below the knee. After riding for an hour or two, the knee protectors slowly keep sliding down, which can leave your knees exposed if you crash. Do note however, that this a a common drawback of most standalone knee protectors. (Note: If you are wearing full-length or ankle-length riding boots, then there is a high probability that the protectors won’t slide down as they are stopped by the top portion of the boots)
Cramster Knee Protectors

Protector does not slide down if you wear riding boots

  • The velcro straps are such that they may not snap-on completely, on riders with skinny legs.


  • Do not wear these knee protectors on the outside of your pants/jeans, as this would make them slide down even faster and could easily move out of place on impact.

Construction Quality:

The Good:

  • The overall quality is good, whether it is the material used, or the stitching.
  • The elastic velcro straps snap on precisely and seem to be of good quality.

The not-good:

  • On one protector, the rubber flap which has the Cramster logo has torn a bit and come off the rivets.


Comfort and Fit:

The Good:

  • The Cramster Knee protectors are surprisingly comfortable for short commutes of 2 to 3 hours, provided you do not wear them under tight fitting jeans/pants.
  • Moreover, walking with the knee protectors on is not too uncomfortable as well.
  • The Protectors are really light in weight, which sure helps in comfort.

The not-good:

  • After more than 2 to 3 hours of riding, the elastic straps start feeling a bit uncomfortable and slightly itchy, especially once you start sweating.


Weather Compatibility:

The Good:

  • The interior cushioning is perforated and is fused with a breathable fabric and hence, did a good job of keeping the shin portion and knees ventilated, even while riding on a hot summer day. (The polypropylene protection shell covering almost the whole of the knee protector, is not perforated at all, but I still did not feel hot on the legs)
Cramster Knee Protectors

Perforated and breathable cushioning

  • Polypropylene by nature, does not absorb water and does not deteriorate in presence of external elements, so expect the protectors to last well.

The not-good:

  • I could not use the knee protectors in the rain, but I tried a way to simulate rain at home. For this I simply used a hand shower and sprayed water onto the knee pads for a few minutes. On doing this I noticed that the elastic straps now moved more easily, but again, this is bound to happen with any elastic strap.



At INR 1400, the Cramster Knee protectors provide basic protection to the knees and shin bones. The overall quality is good, and the Polypropylene shell shall provide good impact protection. I recommend using knee pads only for short city commutes or short rides. For longer duration rides, I suggest going in for riding pants which, along with impact protection, also provide abrasion resistance.

To know more about the importance of riding pants, click here.

The Cramster knee pads can be bought online here and at their authorized resellers.


  • Polypropylene Shell
  • Overall Quality is good
  • Well Ventilated


  • Protectors slide down as you ride
  • Rivets could be eliminated
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