Probiker Gloves Review

Probiker Gloves
The Probiker gloves are the cheapest textile riding gloves one can buy. Let us see how they fare in our review. Overall construction quality: The Good: Considering the price point, the overall construction quality, textile material, knuckle and finger protectors is decent. Stitching feels good, and should not give way till about 6 months to a year, depending on how frequently you would use them. (more…)

Aspida (Spartan) Ares Gloves Review

Aspida (Spartan) Ares Gloves
Here is the detailed review of the Ares riding gloves: Overall construction quality: The Good: The leather quality is indeed top-notch. It has a premium feel to it that is unmatched in any other riding glove in this price range. Just a glance at the gloves, and you will love the looks of them. Whether it is full grain Brazilian or not, we cannot say for sure. The stitching on this glove is on the outside of the glove, which makes it very comfortable to wear. After using them for ab...