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Summary: The 325gm/INR 443 3M chain lube is not viscous enough and splashes way too much.

We all know how important it is to keep our motorcycle chain lubed for maximum performance and longevity. Out of the various motorcycle chain lubes available in the market, the 3M chain lube is one of them, which I am going to review.3M is a renowned car and motorcycle care products manufacturer. I put the chain lube to test on a 2600 km ride which included medium to high speed runs on the highway, where riding conditions varied from extreme heat to super heavy rains.

Just after getting hold of the 325gm/INR 443 chain lube can and shaking it, I could feel the lube to have low viscosity. I did not know if this was a good or bad thing per se, but anyways, I went ahead and properly lubed the motorcycle chain before the ride. The first turnoff was the oil spilling onto my fingers and all over the lube can. I am sure I used the spray correctly, as I have been using chain sprays since quite a while. Nevertheless, here are my impressions during the actual ride: the lube lasted for about 500km under highway running on a hot summer day, which is just about the norm in terms of longevity. Beyond 500km the chain got drier and had to be re-lubed after 600km.

Coming to the viscosity, well, the lube splashed all over the rear alloy, much more than usual. I even had lube stuck all over the bottom of my riding shoes, which shows the lube not adhering too well to the chain. A slight upside to this is less dirt getting stuck onto the chain, but I would still prefer a stickier lube that ensures the chain not getting dry too quick, resulting in better chain longevity.

When it comes to riding in the rain, the lube got washed away pretty quickly, again due to its low viscosity.


The 3M chain lube is not a product I would recommend, as it is not sticky enough, resulting in a lot of lube splash.


  • Does not attract dust


  • Not viscous enough
  • Too much lube splash
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